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28 book review of Dream Conversations on Buddhism and Zen, reviewed by Fred Martinson added to Zen Book Reviews
27 John R McRae's translation of the Platform Sutra added to Translations/Sutras pages
26 Baizhang Zen Monastic Regulations translated by Shohei Ichimura added to Translations/Sutras page
25 link to Buddhist Military Sangha added to Zen Links Miscellaneous page
25 Volume 1 of Nishijima & Cross's translation of the Shobogenzo added to Dogen Teachings page
25 a Hungarian translation of the Hsin-hsin Ming has been added to Miscellaneous Teachings-Non-English and the Translations/Sutras pages
25 Dereification in Zen Buddhism by Robert J. Moore added to Zen Essays: Philosophy page
English translation of La Mia Dottrina: Il Tuo Occhio Spalancato added to Miscellaneous Teachings Non-English
link to Buddhist publisher Inward Path added to Zen Book Reviews page
30 Andy Ferguson's Zen Ancestors in China Lineage Chart added to Historical Zen page
30 link to translation of the Mumonkan, The Gateless Checkpoint, by Gregory Wonderwheel added to Koan Studies page
29 link to Budhism Links added to Zen links Miscellaneious page
15 John Wright: Language and emptiness: An interview with Norman Fischer added to Zen Essays Miscellaneous page
14 The Kasaya Robe of the Past Buddha Kasyapa in the Miraculous Instruction Given to the Vinaya Master Daoxuan (596-667) by
Koichi Shinohara added to Zen Historical pages
12 The Logic and Limits of the Genealogical Model for Chan History by Elizabeth Morrison added to Zen History section
31 NEW section, Cults, added to Non-Zen Miscellaneous page. Traumatic Abuse in Cults added to this section.
30 link to Fazang's Treatise on the Golden Lion added to Commentaries & Teishos page
30 Translation of Sayings of the Buddha in 42 Sections added to Translations & Sutra page
23 The Old Tea Seller: Baisao; Life and Zen Poetry in 18th Century Kyoto by Norman Waddell, reviewed by Vladimir K. added to Zen Books Reviewed
15 reformat Kevin Schilbrack's Metaphysics in Dogen on Dogen Studies & Philosophical pages
2 Nagarjuna's Seventy Stanzas: A  Buddhist  Psychology  of Emptiness
by David Ross Komito book reviewed added to Book Reviews page
28 add link to World Buddhist Directory to Zen centers page
28 check links; remove dead links. If you find more dead links please let me know. Thanks.
23 The Road to Nowhere: Koans and Deconstruction of the Zen Saga by Mary Jaksch added to Koan Studies page
7 add link to Upaya Institute and Zen Center to Zen Centers page
7 Tricycle links added to Misc. Zen links
5 Dogen and the Koan Tradition: A Tale of Two Shõbõgenzõ Texts by Steven Heine book review by Joseph O'Leary added to Zen Books Reviewed
5 Philsophers of Nothingness by James W. Heisig book reviewed by Joseph O'Leary added to Zen Books Reviewed
3 corrected layout design. If you are still having problems with this site, please let me know.
May 2008
26 Note: it seems that my redesigned main pages don't work with some monitors. The problem is with high resolution monitors. If you have difficulty with these pages, please reduce the resolution of your monitor to 1024x768 and it'll work fine. And yes, I'm trying to find a solution so please bear with me. It may take a week or two to find a solution. My apologies for the inconvenience.
24 Soto Zen in America by John MacRae added to Zen Essays: Miscellaneous
21 link to Joseph S. O'Leary site added to Zen Links Journals & Academia page
21 link to Spirit Rock Meditation Center added to Zen Centers page
20 add link to Ancient Dragon Zen Gate to Zen Centers page


redesign main pages


repost Rein Raud's Rein Raud: ‘Place’ And ‘Being-Time’: Spatiotemporal Concepts In The Thought Of Nishida Kitarō And Dōgen Kigen on Dogen Studies page and Zen Essays Philsophical page


Update Complete Shobogenzo page and Dogen Teachings page

12 repost Rein Raud's Rein Raud: ‘Place’ And ‘Being-Time’: Spatiotemporal Concepts In The Thought Of Nishida Kitarō And Dōgen Kigen on Dogen Studies page and Zen Essays Philsophical page
7 Update Complete Shobogenzo page and Dogen Teachings page



remove dead link to Kalavinka Dharma Treasury from Nagarjuna_and_Madhyamika page


remove links to from Translations & Sutras page


The Complete Shobogenzo, translated by Rev. Hubert Nearman of Shasta Abbey added to Dogen Teachings page


The Circle of the Way: Reading the Gospel of Thomas as a ChristZen Text by Kenneth Arnold added to Zen Essays Miscellaneous



Mechanisms of Mindfulness by Shauna L. Shapiro, Linda E. Carlson, John A. Astin, Benedict Freedman added to Zen Essay: Miscellaneous


Salvation By Paradox: On Zen And Zen-like Thought by Ben-Ami Scharfstein added to Zen Essays: Philosophical


Add reading list from Liverpool Zen Group and update John Daido Loori link on Book Review Reading List page.


A Critical Survey of Works on Zen since Yampolsky by Steven Heine added to Zen Essays:Miscellaneous and Book Review Reading List.


book review of The Zen Canon: Understanding the Classic Texts, eds. Steven Heine & Dale S. Wright, reviewed by Vladimir K. added to Zen Book reviews page

January 2008


translation of The Awakening Of Faith In Mahayana added to Zen Teachings: Translations page


Beat Zen, square Zen, and Zen. (Zen Buddhism as practiced in China, Japan and the US) by Alan Watts added to Zen Essay Miscellaneous

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