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Have Faith in Your Mind (Hsin Hsin Ming)
Hakuin's Daruma

written by of Seng T'san, Third Chan Patriarch of China
Translated by Charles Luk (Upasaka Lu K'uan)

It is not hard to realise your Mind

Which should not be an object of your choice.

Throw like and dislike away

And you'll be clear about it.

The slightest deviation from it means

A gulf as deep as that 'twixt heaven and earth.

If you want it to manifest

Be not for or aginst a thing,

For that is contentious,

A disease of the mind.

If its profoundness you ignore

You can never practise stillness.

Perfect like the great void it lacks

Nothing and has naught in excess.

If you discriminate

You will miss its suchness.

To external causes cling not, stay

Not in the void (that is relative).

If you can be impartial

Differentiation ceases.

To stop disturbance leads to stillness

Which, if clung to, stirs the mind. But if

To opposites you cling

How can you know the One?

If you do not recognise One Mind

Two opposites will lead you nowhere.

To avoid what “is” means to cling to what “is not”,

To cling to what “is not” means to revive what “is”.

The more you talk and think,

The further are you from it.

If you can halt all speech and thought

You will find it everywhere.

If you think success means to return all things to their source,

You will differ (from our Sect) by clinging to its function.

The moment that you look within

You surpass your contemplation

Of the void which is always changing

Due to your discriminating views.

Do not seek the real

But your false views lay down.

Avoid the real and the false

And never search for either.

Once you start to choose between what's right and wrong,

You will become confused and you will lose your Mind.

All pairs from the One Mind spring

Which never should be clung to.

If the One Mind does not stir

Then all things will be harmless.

Things that are harmless cease to be,

Mind that stirs not does not exist.

Subjects disengaged from objects vanish,

Objects like their creator disappear.

Objects are caused by subjects

On whose existence they depend.

If you would understand dualities

Know that they spring from Voidness absolute.

The absolute and all dualities

Are one, from it all things originate.

When you cease choosing between the coarse

And fine all prejudices die.

Since the Great Mind embraces all,

To realise it is not difficult

Or easy. In their distrust the ignorant

Wavers between eagerness and hesitation.

If you grasp at it, you will be in the wrong

Falling into the way of heretics.

If you lay it down

It stays not nor goes.

With the Tao unite your nature

And you wll be free from troubles.

Clinging from the real strays

And to confusion leads.

Discrimination is useless

So weary not your mind.

If you want to know the One

Reject not sense data.

If they're not rejected

They are one with Bodhi.

The wise man is non-active,

The ignorant bind themselves.

All things are the same at heart

But clinging's from delusion.

If mind is used to seek itself,

Is this not a grave mistake?

Delusion brings stillness and disturbances;

Bodhi is far beyond all good and evil.

All the pairs of opposites

From discrimination come.

Dreams, illusions and flowers in

The sky are not worth attachment.

Gain and loss, and right and wrong

Should be laid down now at once.

If your eyes close not in sleep

All your dreams will disappear.

If you do not discriminate,

Then all things will be as they are.

Profound is this state of suchness,

Lofty and beyond illusions.

If things are not thought different,

To their nature they will return.

When they disappear,

Mind's without compare.

When it stops moving disturbance is no more;

When all motion ceases, stillness also stops.

When opposites disappear,

Where then can the One Mind be?

When for the Ultimate you search,

You find it has no pattern.

In this impartial mind

Duality has vanished.

When distrust ceases,

Your faith will be true.

When all is thrown away

There's nothing to remember.

The Mind that now is pure

Radiates and is not tired.

Since it is beyond discriminative thinking

It cannot be fathomed by that which knows and feels.

Such is the state absolutely

Free from the self and others.

If you would be one with it

All duality avoid.

In all places the non-dual is

The same and there is naught outside it.

Sages everywhere

To this sect belong,

Which is beyond time, long or short,

For a thought lasts ten thousand years.

It neither “is” nor “is not”

For everywhere is here

The smallest equals the largest

For it is not confined by space.

The largest equals the smallest

For it is no within, without.

“Is” and “is not” are the same,

For what “is not” equals “is”.

If you cannot so awaken,

Why worry if you do not win it?

Just believe that your Mind is non-dual

For your Faith in it is not divided.

In it there's no room for word and speech;

It has no present, past or future.