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The Shōbōgenzō (Treasury of the True Dharma Eye) is the master work of the Japanese Sōtō Zen Master Eihei Dōgen (1200 - 1253). It consists of a series of lectures or talks given to his monks as recorded by his head monk, Ejo, who became his Dharma successor although Dōgen was involved in the editing and Shobogenzo coverrecording of some of the Shōbōgenzō. This is the first major Buddhist philosophical work composed in the Japanese language.
There were only two complete English translations of the Shōbōgenzō previous to this version: Gudo Nishijima and Chodo Cross's Master Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō in four volumes (available from Windbell Publications) and Shobogenzo, The Eye and Treasury of the True Law, by Kosen Nishiyama and John Stevens. There are many translations of sections of the Shōbōgenzō. There are also many commentaries on Dōgen and his work. A search on this website will uncover articles on Dōgen and his teachings.

The Gudo Nishijima and Chodo Cross's Master Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō in four volumes is now available for download for free from thezensite: Dogen Teachings page

The Complete Shōbōgenzō is available here (this site) and here from Shasta Abbey, translated by Rev. Hubert Nearman.
: the complete text is 1144 pages in .pdf and 8, 675 Kb. Not recommended for dial-up modems. If you have difficulty downloading this from this website, try the Shasta Abbey link. Below are links to each of the 96 chapters and other parts of the book. All pages are in .pdf format.

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Dedication Copyright
Glossary Intoduction
Contents About the Translator
Appendix of names Acknowledgements

Another translation was in progress through Stanford University. These translations were part of the now suspended Soto Text Project. However, some translations are still available via Soto Zen Buddhism International Center journal, Soto Zen Journal. There are 47 volumes available but no overall index. Each volume does have an index so one will have to go through each volume to find the Soto Zen Text Project translations.

Shasta Abbey version
Soto Text Project
Other Translations
translated by Rev. Hubert Nearman
translated by:
translated by:
1. Bendowa  A Discourse on Doing One's Utmost in Practicing the Way of the Buddha    
2. Makahannya-haramitsu  On the Great Wisdom That Is Beyond Discriminatory Thought    
3. Genjo Koan  On the Spiritual Question as It Manifests Before Your Very Eyes  
other translations here
4. IkkaMyoju On 'The One Bright Pearl '    
5. Juundo-shiki  On Conduct Appropriate for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall    
6. Soku Shin Ze Butsu On 'Your Very Mind Is Buddha'    
7. Senjo On Washing Yourself Clean    
8. Keisei Sanshoku  On 'The Rippling of a Valley Stream, the Contour of a Mountain'    
9. Shoaku Makusa On 'Refrain from All Evil Whatsoever'
William Bodiford
10. Raihai Tokuzui  On ' Getting the Marrow by Doing Obeisance'
Stanley Weinstein
11. Uji  On 'Just for the Time Being, Just for a While, For the Whole of Time is the Whole of Existence'  
Reiho Masunaga
Dan Welch and Kazuaki Tanahashi
Bob Myers (MsWord doc)
12. Den'e  On the Transmission of the Kesa
13. Sansui Kyo On the Spiritual Discourses of the Mountains and the Water
Carl Bielefeldt  
14.Busshō On Buddha Nature
Carl Bielefeldt  
15. Shisho On the Record of Transmission
16. Hokke Ten Hokke On 'The Flowering of the Dharma Sets the Dharma's Flowering in Motion'
17. Shin Fukatoku On 'The Mind Cannot Be Held Onto' (Oral version) including Translator's Addendum to Chapter 17
18. Shin Fukatoku On 'The Mind Cannot Be Grasped' (Written version)
19. Kokyo On the Ancient Mirror
20. Kankin On Reading Scriptures
21. Bussho On Buddha Nature including Translator's Addendum to Chapter 21
Carl Bielefeldt
22. Gyobutsu Iigi On the Everyday Behavior of a Buddha Doing His Practice
23. Bukkyo On What the Buddha Taught
24. Jinzu On the Marvelous Spiritual Abilities
Carl Bielefeldt
25. Daigo On the Great Realization    
26.Zazen Shin Lancet of Zazen
Carl Bielefeldt
27. Butsu Kojo Ji On Experiencing That Which Is Above and Beyond Buddhahood
28. Immo On That Which Comes Like This
29. Gyoji On Ceaseless Practice
30. Kaiin Zammai On 'The Meditative State That Bears the Seal of the Ocean'
Carl Bielefeldt with Michael Radich
31. Juki On Predicting Buddhahood
32. Kannon On Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion including Translator's Addendum to Chapter 32
33. Arakan On Arhat
Stanley Weinstein
34. Hakujushi On the Cypress Tree
Carl Bielefeldt
35. Komyo On the Brightness of the Light
36. Shinjin Gakudo On Learning the Way Through Body and Mind
37. Muchu Setsumu On a Vision Within a Vision and a Dream Within a Dream
38. Dotoku On Expressing What One Has Realized
39. Gabyo On ' A Picture of a Rice Cake'
Yasuda Joshu and Anzan Hoshin
40. Zenki On Functioning Fully
Thomas Cleary
41. Sesshin Sessho Talking of the Mind, Talking of the Nature
Carl Bielefeldt
42. Darani On Invocations: What We Offer to the Buddhas and Ancestors
43. Tsuki On the Moon as One's Excellent Nature
44. Kuge On the Flowering of the Unbounded
Yasuda Joshu and Anzan Hoshin
45. Kobusshin On What the Mind of an Old Buddha Is
Carl Bielefeldt
46. Bodaisatta Shishobo On the Four Exemplary Acts of a Bodhisattva
47. Katto On The Vines That Entangle: the Vines That Embrace
Carl Bielefeldt
48. Sangai Yuishin On 'The Threefold World Is Simply Your Mind'
49. Shoho Jisso On the Real Form of All Thoughts and Things
50. Bukkyo On Buddhist Scriptures    
51. Butsudo On the Buddha's Way
Carl Bielefeldt
52. Mitsugo On the Heart-to-Heart Language of Intimacy
53. Hossho On the True Nature of All Things
54. Mujo Seppo On the Dharma That Nonsentient Beings Express
Carl Bielefeldt
55. Semmen On Washing Your Face
56. Zazengi On the Model for Doing Meditation
Carl Bielefeldt
Yasuda Joshu roshi and Anzan Hoshin roshi
57. Baika On the Plum Blossom
58. Jippo On the Whole Universe in All Ten Directions
Carl Bielefeldt
59. Kembutsu On Encountering Buddha
60. Henzan Extensive Study
Carl Bielefeldt
61. Ganzei On the Eye of a Buddha
62. Kajo On Everyday Life
63. Ryugin On the Roar of a Dragon
Carl Bielefeldt
64. Shunju On Spring and Autumn: Warming Up and Cooling Down
65. Soshi Seirai I On Why Our Ancestral Master Came from the West
Carl Bielefeldt
66. Udonge On the Udumbara Blossom
67. Hotsu Mujo Shin On Giving Rise to the Unsurpassed Mind
Carl Bielefeldt
68. Nyorai Zenshin On the Uni versal Body of the Tathagata
69. Zammai-o Zammai On the Meditative State That Is the Lord of Meditative States
Carl Bielefeldt
70. Sanjushichihon Bodai Bumpo On the Thirty-Seven Methods of Training for Realizing Enlightenment
71. Temborin On Turning the Wheel of the Dharma
72. Jisho Zammai On the Meditative State of One's True Nature
73. Daishugyo On the Great Practice
74. Menju On Conferring the Face-to-Face Transmission
75. Koku On the Unbounded
76. Hatsu'u On a Monk's Bowl
77. Ango On the Summer Retreat
78. Tashintsu On Reading the Minds and Hearts of Others
Carl Bielefeldt
79. O Saku Sendaba On 'The King Requests Something from Sindh'
80. Jikuin Mon On Instructions for Monks in the Kitchen Hall
81. Shukke On Leaving Home Life Behind
82. Shukke Kudoku On the Spiritual Merits of Leaving Home Life Behind    
83. Jukai On Receiving the Precepts    
84. Kesa Kudoku On the Spiritual Merits of the Kesa    
85. Hotsu Bodai Shin On Giving Rise to the Enlightened Mind
Carl Bielefeldt
86. Kuyo Shobutsu On Making Venerative Offerings to Buddhas    
87. Kie Bupposo Ho On Taking Refuge in the Treasures of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha    
88. Jinshin Inga On the Absolute Certainty of Cause and Effect    
89. Sanji Go On Karmic Retribution in the Three Temporal Periods
90. Shime On The Four Horses
91. Shizen Biku On the Monk in the Fourth Meditative State
92. Ippyakuhachi Homyomon On the One Hundred and Eight Gates to What the Dharma Illumines
93. Shoji On Life and Death
94. Doshin On the Mind's Search for Truth
95. Yui Butsu Yo Butsu On 'Each Buddha on His Own, Together with All Buddhas'
96. Hachi Dainingaku On the Eight Realizations of a Great One    

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