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My Policy and My Goal: Your eyes wide open
Hakuin's Daruma

Maestro Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyo Zenji
Original Italian version here

It’s beautiful that all around the world, people practicing meditation feel a sincere love for his/her Master - and this is true also for me, feeling heart link with my students and Masters.

It’s a spontaneous and noble emotion and there is no need to exaggerate or make it too honey: I can see that fruits of your thankfulness are already in you... or even better: you are the thankfulness fruit.

What can I want from you other than you obtain your freedom?

This doesn’t mean exactly that I want something from you, but this will, it’s more about a unavoidable communion, happening without requiring my expressed act.

Who can realize this in deep, who can recognize this, actually is attempting to help my “mission”, even if fundamentally I have no mission (see ‘my mission’ on the site).

This is what happens: even if they have no free time, availability or money to help our action, many are trying to give me the chance of being more helpful to everyone.

Though, I’m not asking people to give me “devotion”, but instead to “exercise” the same clean love we have to a son or daughter: the kind of love that is given even if the son or daughter has a bad character, because there is the hope that some day everything will be carried out by a tender embrace and a reciprocal comprehension.

Who knows me, already learned this: I’m not managing people to make them reassured, so they quietly stay sleeping & paying. I prefer that only few have the desire to remain, and the others can return back to the philosophy or mass religion reassuring them; who come back to me, or who remains near me, has to understand that spirituality means courage, insistence, commitment, awakening, practice, but mostly courage... Because a clear sign of your victory should emerge, a sign that is the start but also the accomplishment of your real life.

But be careful: I have no new explanations, I have no doctrine, because of a clear choice of gnosis and love.

I’m here to offer you an experience; an experience that YOU make and I provide inspiration: for example, closeness.

My “doctrine” is your experience of freedom ....

So I will not say that the world is this way or another, and you should do this and that: this role is already taken by scientists and theologians, creating their network of hope and fear, and it should work this way: “The show must go on”.

If you understand the real meaning behind all times superstitions and if you are able to exercise the "gravitas", distinctive of a "samadhi" that is “sahaja” (native), if you bypass the “show” and you enter the “real thing”, then and only then you understand what is in the root, before any world interpretation or any theory that can be formulated, so you also understand that all theories make sense when placed inside proper context, and you understand that this intuition is out of reach for common people because they can’t leave fashioned opinions.

So evolution and salvation do exists, within their context and meaning, and also their secrets, but of course they are not as are believed by common people: and exists previous and future lives, reincarnation, metempsychosis... in some way exists the eternal return of Greek or equinox precession with the cycle of zodiacal periods, and the platonic year crowning Eon - even the one named Kalachakra by Buddhists - but at the apex of all this things there is your awakening, what YOU REALLY SEE.

So, your enlightenment is the understanding of this in real time while it happens, or in the absolute non-time of this eternal present instant.

From this divine face, and in this divine face, from this freed heart you see this. All of this.

All ideas are “true” if you activate them with your faith, but are “absolutely true” if they end or start from your experience, if they are sacred by your face explosion. Then, you’ll contains, and you’ll never need them any more.

Humans need explanations but you, now, are free from this need and you live this in a fullness, dancing between ideas, things and faces, within this oceanic love.

You'll read these lines in future, and you’ll see how you were already owning Reality/Truth – as real live – also by means of my words.

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