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One Single Word Is Not Enough But One Hundred Words…
Hakuin's Daruma

Leonardo  Anfolsi  Reiyo  Zenji

I have attempted to explain the Way or, say, how to face the comprehension or, if you prefer, how not to search the illumination while training... but quickly I understood that one single word is not enough but one hundred words can be a waste of time.
Yes, one hundred words can last a minute... but it’s already too much. You have to avoid thinking that you can give wings to turtles: everyone can be an eagle - virtually, but the attitude allowing this to be spent in everyday life is really very uncommon.
So it seems so surprising when you see really gifted people one step (or less) far from illumination, and can’t complete this last step because they need to understand just another little fragment of the Whole – think: a little fragment prevents them to live the full expression of the illumination! Such a shame!
A closer look reveals that the comprehension of this small fragment is actually an obstacle they erected to block their inner light, an obstacle originated by an afterthought.
But reality has no small fragments - or afterthoughts! Why? Because if it would be true, a housewife would no longer be aware of being a housewife... a soldier would no longer be aware of being a soldier... So should exists a different explanation.
An afterthought about our freedom is believed to be a must, especially if feeling embarrassed. What’s the relationship between afterthought and awakening? Is it something wrong with chakras? Something caused by an angel crash? If so, we could find a solution.
But it’s something different; you only need comprehension of the lessons and the teacher, creating a trust that starts a resonance, similar to a diapason facing the Dharma: and this doesn’t mean being neutral but instead being... illuminated. When this is substituted by other things – yes, truly human: but unfunctional - nothing happens: this is why I promote in everyone an “ordaly”: a never ending test.
Everyone can read about Gurdjieff, Tantra or Zen, but being able of a true leap requires learning the difference between the ‘already available illumination’ and the common soul confusion that must be ferociously won. Ferocious with our weakness, not ourselves, our times or others.... But if a sight is not enough, one hundred gestures are unuseful, and words... Well... words....
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