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Thomas Cleary, trans., A Buddha From Korea: The Zen Teachings of T'aego, Boston & Shaftesbury: Shambhala, 1988. amazon

Robert E. Buswell, Jr., Tracing Back the Radiance: Chinul's Korean Way of Zen, Honolulu: Univ. of Hawaii Press, 1992. buy now

Robert E. Buswell, Jr., The Zen Monastic Experience, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992. buy now

Peter H. Lee, Lives of Eminent Korean Monks: The Haedong Kosung Chon, Harvard University Press, 1969.  buy now

Su-nim Mu Seong, Thousand Peaks: Korean Zen: Tradition and Teachers, Primary Point, 2006.    buy now

Richard Shrobe, Don't-Know Mind: The Spirit of Korean Zen, Boston & London: Shambhala, 2004. buy now


Thich Nhat Hanh, Master Tang Hoi: First Zen Teacher in Vietnam and China, Parallax, 2002.   amazon 

Cuong Tu Nguyen, Zen in Medieval Vietnam: A Study and Translation of Thi`ên Uyên Tâp Anh. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1997. buy now

Thich Thien An, Buddhism and Zen in Vietnam: In Relation to the Development in Asia, Charles Tuttle, 1975. buy now


Sandy Boucher, Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism, San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1988.    amazon

Beata Grant, Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Buddhist Nuns, Sommerville: Wisdom, 2003.  buy now

Nan Shin (Nancy Amphoux), Diary of a Zen Nun, London: Rider & Co., 1987.   buy now

Susan Murcott, First Buddhist Women: Poems and Stories of Awakening, Parallax Press, 2006.    buy now

Diana Y. Paul, Women in Buddhism: Images of the Feminine in the Mahayana Tradition, 1985.  buy now

Grace Schireson, Zen Women: Beyond Tea Ladies, Iron Maidens and Macho Masters, Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2009 buy now

Ellen S. Sidor, A Gathering of Spirit: Women Teaching in American Buddhism, Cumberland, Rhode Island: Primary Point Press, 1987.  buy now

Karma Tsomo, ed., Innovative Buddhist Women: Swimming Against the Stream, RoutledgeCurzon, 2000.   buy now


Robert Aitken, The Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics, San Francisco: Northpoint, 1984.   amazon

Allen Badiner, ed., Mindfulness in the Marketplace: Compassionate Response to Consumerism, Berkeley: Parallax Press, 2002. (book review here)   buy now

Tessa J. Bartholomeusz, In Defense of Dharma: Just-War Ideology in Buddhist Sri Lanka, London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2002. (book review here)  buy now

Fred Eppsteiner, ed., The Path of Compassion: Writings on Socially Engaged Buddhism, Berkely: Parallax Press, 1988.    buy now

Thich Nhat Hanh, Interbeing: Fourteen Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism, Berkely: Parallax Press, 1987.    buy now

Charles Wei-hsun Fu and Sandra A. Wawrytko, eds., Buddhist Ethics and Modern Society, an international symposium, Greenwodd Press, 1991.    buy now

Simon P. James, Zen Buddhism and Environmental Ethics, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2004. (book review here)  buy now

Stephanie Kaza, ed.,
Hooked!: Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire, and the Urge to Consume, Shambhala, 2005. buy now

Kenneth Kraft, ed., Inner Peace, World Peace: Essays on Buddhism and Nonviolence, Albany: SUNY Press, 1993.  buy now

John Daido Loori, The Heart of Being: Moral and Ethical Teachings of Zen Buddhism, Dharma Communications, 2009 buy now

Hammalawa Saddhatissa, Buddhist Ethics: The Path to Nirvana, 1970; rpt. London: Wisdom Publications, 1987.  buy now


Masao Abe, Zen and Comparative Studies, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1997. amazon

Masao Abe, Zen and Western Thought, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1985. buy now

James H. Austin, Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998 buy now

Bernard Faure, The Rhetoric of Immediacy: A Cultural Critique of Chan/Zen Buddhism, Princeton: Princeton University Press (book review here) buy now

Frederick Franck, ed., The Buddha Eye: An Anthology of the Kyoto School and its Contemporaries, Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2004. buy now

Robert Jingen Gunn, Journey Into Emptiness: Dogen, Merton, Jung, And The Quest For Transformation, New York: Paulist Press, 2000 (book review here) buy now

Steven Heine, Existential and Ontological Dimensions of Time in Heidegger and Dogen, 1985.  buy now

James W. Heisig, Philosophers of Nothingness: An Essay on the Kyoto School, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2001. (book review here) buy now

Toshihiko Izutsu, Toward a Philosophy of Zen Buddhism, 1982.  buy now

Nishida Kitaro (David A. Dilworth, trans.), Last Writings: Nothingness and the Religious Worldview, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1987 (1949). buy now

Paul Kjellberg, Philip J. Ivanhoe, eds., Essays on Skepticism, Relativism, and Ethics in the Zhuangzi, SUNY Press, 1996.    buy now

William R. LaFleur, ed., Dogen Studies, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1985.   buy now

David Loy, ed., Healing Deconstruction: Postmodern Thought in Buddhism and Christianity, Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1996. (book review here)  buy now

Carl Olson, Zen And The Art Of Postmodern Philosophy: Two Paths Of Liberation From The Representational Mode Of Thinking, New York: State University of New York Press, 2000. (book review herebuy now

Joan Stambaugh, Impermanence is Buddha-nature: Dogen's Understanding of Temporality, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1990.  buy now

Paul Williams, Mahayana Buddhism: The Doctrinal Foundations, Routledge, 2008.    buy now

Nāgārjuna & Mādhyamika

David F. Burton, Emptiness Appraised: A Critical Study of Nāgārjuna’s Philosophy, Richmond: Curzon Press, 1999. (book review here)

Hsueh-li Cheng, Empty Logic: Madhyamika Buddhism from Chinese Sources, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1991 (1984)  buy now

Hsueh-li Cheng,
Nagarjuna's Twelve Gate Treatise: Translated with Introductory Essays, Comments, and Notes, Springer, 1982. (book review here)  buy now

Jay L. Garfield, trans., The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way: Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika,New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. (book review here)  buy now

C. W. Huntington, Jr., with Geshe Namgyal Wangchen, The Emptiness of Emptiness: an introduction to early Indian Madhyamka, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1989. (book review here)  buy now

David J. Kalupahana, trans., Mulamadhyamakakarika of Nagarjuna: The Philosophy of the Middle Way, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2004 (1986)  buy now

David Ross Komito, trans., Nagarjuna's "seventy stanzas": a buddhist psychology of emptiness, Ithaca, New York: Snow Lion Publications, 1987 (book review here)  buy now

Ming-Wood Liu, Madhyamika Thought in China, Brill Academic, 1997. (book review here)  out of print

Gadjin M. Nagao, Madhyamika and Yogacara: A Study of Mahayana Philosophies : Collected Papers of G.M. Nagao, New York: SUNY, 1991.    buy now


Robert E. Buswell, Jr., The Zen Monastic Experience, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992.  amazon

Shohei Ichimura, trans.,
The Baizhang Zen Monastic Regulations, Berkeley: Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research, 2006. (free download here)

Jon Covell and Yamada Sobin, Zen at Daitoku-ji, Tokyo: Kodansha, 1974. buy now

Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi and Bernard Tetsugen Glassman, eds., On Zen Practice, 2 vols., 1976, 1977.  buy now

Soko Morinaga, Novice to Master: An Ongoing Lesson in the Extent of My Own Stupidity Boston: Wisdom, 2002)   buy now

Giei Sato and Eshin Nishimura, Unsui: A Diary of Zen Monastic Life, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1973.
  buy now

Janwillem van de Wetering, A Glimpse of Nothingness: Experiences in an American Zen Community, New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 1999. buy now__________, The Empty Mirror: Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery, New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 1999. buy now


Ryuichi Abe, trans., Peter Haskel, trans., Great Fool: Zen Master Ryokan: Poems, Letters, and Other Writings, University of Hawaii Press, 1996.     buy now

Robert Aitken, A Zen Wave: Basho's Haiku & Zen, New York, Weatherhill, 1978.    amazon

Galit Aviman, Zen Paintings in Edo Japan (1600-1868): Playfulness and Freedom in the Artwork of Hakuin Ekaku and Sengai Gibon, Ashgate, 2014 buy from Amazon

Faubion Bowers, ed., The Classic Tradition of Haiku: An Anthology, Dover, 1996.  buy now

Dorothy Britton, trans., A Haiku Journey: Basho's Narrow Road to a Far Province, Kodansha International, 2002.  buy now

Beata Grant, Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Buddhist Nuns, Sommerville: Wisdom, 2003.    buy now

Steven Heine, The Zen Poetry Of Dogen: Verses from the Mountain of Eternal Peace, Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Co. Inc., 1997. (book review here)  buy now

Won-Chun Kim, trans., Christopher Merrill, trans., Because of the Rain: An Anthology of Korean Zen Poetry (Companions for the Journey), White Pine Press, 2006.    buy now

Saigyo, (William R. LaFleur, trans.) Awesome Nightfall: The Life, Times and Poetry of Saigyo, Boston: Wisdom, 2003.   buy now

Gregory P.A. Levine, Daitokuji: The Visual Cultures of a Zen Monastery, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005.  buy now

Thomas Merton, The Way of Chuang Tzu, Boston & London: Shambhala, 2004 (1965).  buy now

Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea: The Classic Work on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Value of Beauty, Kodansha International, 2006.  buy now

David Pollack, Zen Poems of the Five Mountains, Scholars Pr., 1985.  buy now

Jane Reichhold,
Basho: The Complete Haiku, Kodansha International, 2008.  buy now

J.P. Seaton and Dennis Maloney, A Drifting Boat: Chinese Zen Poetry, White Pine Press, 1995.     buy now

Andrew Schelling, The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry, Wisdom Publications, 2005.  buy now

Gary Snyder, Riprap & Cold Mountain Poems, San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1969.   buy now

Frederic Spiegelberg, Zen, Rocks & Waters, NY: Pantheon, 1961.  buy now

John Stevens, trans., One Robe, One Bowl: the Zen Poetry of Ryokan, Weatherhill, 2006.     buy now

Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto, eds., Penguin Book of Zen Poetry, Hardmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1981.  buy now

D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1970 (1959).  buy now

D. E. Tarver, trans., The Way of the Living Sword: The Secret Teachings of Yagyu Munenori, iUniverse, Inc., 2003.    buy now

Norman Waddell, trans., The Old Tea Seller: Baisao, Life and Zen Poetry in 18th Century Kyoto, Berkeley: Counterpoint, 2008. (book review here)  buy now

Burton Watson, trans., Ryōkan---Poet of Japan, New York: Columbia University Press, 1977.  buy now