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Questions, broken links, suggestions, etc, please .

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Martin Baumann: Global Buddhism: Developmental Periods, Regional Histories, and a New Analytical Perspective Baumann looks at the movement of Buddhism around the world in this research article. Note: downloads as Pdf document
from: Journal of Global Buddhism Vol 2, 2001

Trine Brox & Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg: Buddhism, Business, and Economics This chapter from The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism looks at the commodification of modern Buddhism and its historical context. Note: downloads as Pdf document
Oxford Handbs Online, Oxfordook University Press, 2015

James M Hanson: Was Jesus a Buddhist? I'm not convinced but you may be. from Buddhist-Christian Studies, Annual 2005 v25 p75(15)

James W. Heisig: Jung, Christianity and Buddhism Heisig gives a fairly detailed outline of Jung's theories of Self and goes on to explain why he believes Jung's theories can aid in the inter-religious dialogue between Eastern Buddhism and Western Christianity. This is a detailed article, heavy going for a non-psychologist audience. Note: downloads as Pdf document
from Nanzan Bulletin 23/1999

Jack Kornfeld Even the Best Meditators Have Old Wounds to Heal: Kornfeld on the limitations of meditation and the role of psychotherapy.

Hayashi Makoto and Yamanaka Hiroshi: The Adaptation of Max Weber's Theories of Religion in Japan: Makoto and Hiroshi look at the influence the German philosopher/sociologist had on religious theories in Japan in three distinct eras: Pre-WW II, Post WW II to the 1960's and from the 1970's to the present as well as who the major players were in these eras.
Note: downloads as Pdf document
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1993 20/2–3

Charles Muller: Dealing with the Modern Crisis of Religiosity: Reflections from the Aum Case. "In the aftermath of the Aum case, various suggestions as to the causes of dangerous cult mentality, and possible measures for its prevention have been offered in the Japanese media, but it seems that a much more penetrating diagnosis is necessary than that thus far proffered. To merely lay blame to the person of Shoko Asahara, or the phenomenon of mind control, or an insensitivity, ineptitude, or lack of resources on the part of the Japanese police, is to grossly oversimplify and objectify a problem which has complex roots within the structure of the very institutions and values which Japanese society regards as its greatest assets. "

Matthew Remski: Survivors of an International Buddhist Cult Share Their Stories: An investigation into decades of abuse at Shambhala International
Remski looks into the Tibetan Buddhist group Shambhala International started by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1970. Remski reveals the cult-like sexual, physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by its leaders.

Tansen Sen: In Search of Longevity and Good Karma: Chinese Diplomatic Missions to Middle India in the Seventh Century Sen looks at some important Tang Dynasty missions to India, including the famous Xuanzang (Hsuan Tseng) 19-year mission.
Note: downloads as Pdf document from Journal of World History, Vol 12 No. 1