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Bibliography Index About Buddhism in China: I wouldn't say this is a complete bibliography but it could be good starting place. Sorted by author; from the University of Maine at Farmington

Deep Streams: "Deep Streams Zen Institute offers authentic zen practice with Joseph Bobrow Roshi. We also provide continuing education for the enrichment and well-being of mental health practitioners, drawing on mindfulness and Buddhism..."

Journal of Buddhist Ethics: the title says it all. Free online journal.

Journal of Global Buddhism: an online electronic journal "that interprets "global" in a broad geographic and sociological sense, but with a particular focus on developments in industrialized, non-Asian countries."

New Chan Forum: Journal of the Western Chan fellowship. "Content varies considerably from issue to issue, but typically includes Dharma talks, reports on their meditation and retreat experiences written by participants, comment on contemporary Zen and Buddhism, pictures, poetry, etc."

Shambhala Sun now Lion's Roar: North America's oldest Buddhist magazine. "The Shambhala Sun offers authentic teachings from the Buddhist and other contemplative traditions, and applies the wisdom born of meditative practice to all the important issues in life - from livelihood, parenting, and relationships to politics, social action, and the arts."

SotoZen-net :A very large site with much useful information. Here you can find the  semi-annually newsletter Dharma Eye, which unfortunately is not index but you can access pdf versions from 1997; videos on various topics; an extensive library; a list of Zen temples "Soto zen temples outside Japan, temples in Japan where foriegners can do Zazen, and venerable temples in Japan that we think would be a great pleces to tour." There is more but you'll have to go to the site and browse.

These are links to some academic sites of interest about Zen Buddhism.

acmuller.net: Charles Muller is Professor in the Humanities Department at Toyo Gakuen University in Chiba, Japan and an academic on (especially) Korean Zen. Lots of excellent translations and articles.

Zen Buddhism Virtual Library: This is Matthew Ciolek's extensive site on Zen. The link will take you to his electronic newsletters and journals. You can access the rest of the site from any page.

Nanzen Institute: this is a very large site of the Nanzen Institute for Religion and Culture.

Joseph S. O'Leary: teaches at Sophia University, Tokyo. This is a rich site of writings on religion, Buddhism, philosophy and literature. O'Leary has many essays and book reviews.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism: An excellent resources site, compiled by Dr Ron Epstein of the Philosophy Department San Francisco State University. Some good translations of Buddhist Sutras, some with commentaries by Master  Hsuan Hua (there's a whole site here dedicated to his teachings). A good resource.